Dry eye is a common condition that maybe caused because your eyes do not produce enough tears or because the tears you have evaporate too quickly or do not spread evenly across the front of your eyes or even the type of tears produced maybe too oily or too watery. Dry eye can make your eyes feel itchy, irritated, sore and can even affect your vision.

Dry eye is commonly associated with Blepharitis which is an inflammation of your eye lids. It can make your eye lashes crusty and feel irritated, stingy and sore. Both conditions can be exacerbated with reduced blink reflex during prolonged computer use, dry air condition environments, heating and pollution.

We provide a dry eye clinic in which our optometrist conducts a thorough examination of your eyes and discusses with you which treatment plan is best suited for the type of dry eye condition you have.


Optometrist : Mrs Asifa Padhani-Raza