Custom made Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Our Optometrist is specialised in the fitting of Prosthetic contact lenses. Prosthetic contact lenses are prescribed to mask flaws and improve the appearance of an eye disfigured from a birth defect, injury, trauma, or eye disease. Custom Prosthetic lenses can be made in a wide variety of lens powers and is designed to match the appearance of the unaffected eye as closely as possible and make the disfigured look less conspicuous and more natural.

Disfiguring conditions frequently treated with prosthetic contact lenses include incomplete formation of the pupil (aniridia), lack of pigment or colour in the eye (albinism) and damage to the cornea from trauma.




Customer Review


I have been trying for a number of years to get a prosthetic contact lens for my blind eye, that matches as far as possible the color of my sighted eye.  Living in Singapore I am under care of the National Eye Centre but custom made prosthetic lenses come from Australia and I had been unable to get a decent colour match from the Australian manufacturer.

I am visiting the UK and so found  a number of optometrists by searching on line. I am so pleased I chose Mrs Asifa from Drury Porter. She confirmed with the manufacturer that they could deliver a custom made lens within three weeks  and in fact they produced it within two weeks.

I had two appointments with Mrs Asifa, first to check my eyes, and then take measurements to ensure sure the right size of lens Within a few days  a  blank lens was produced which I fitted to ensure it was comfortable and in the correct position. Then the  manufacturer hand-painted the lens which I picked up yesterday. It is as good a colour match as I could have hoped for. But the real stars are Mrs Asifa and her husband Tan, who went out of their way to make sure they could deliver a good lens for me. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

If you need a professional and caring optometrist then these are the people to go to.


Mr Mike Horner, March 2018


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