I randomly came across this optician in my student days and have been going there ever since! The service and quality is miles above Specsavers, and worth every penny. Asifa and her husband run a highly competent yet personal and friendly practice – be it getting a last minute order for contact lenses, finding a new frame, or even being referred to Moorfields when a serious eye condition arose… I can’t recommend them enough!

Miss Kirsti Jungklaus-Kuszmider ,December 2016

We have been going as a family to Drury Porter for almost  30 years… my husband and I, my brother-in-law and more recently our son. John and Hishu were such  a wonderful couple and we were so sad when they retired but Asifa and Tan have continued the same warm and professional service in every way. We know that we are in the best hands for testing and checking our eyes which is so important . The selection of glasses they have is wonderful and the attention they give to you through the whole process from walking through the door to the final fit…and coffee!..is second to none. Not only are you in expert hands but the service is so friendly you just want to go back!
Thank you for all your care and attention to detail. An excellent and professional service in every way.

Mrs Fiona Enraght-Moony (Barrister), December 2016

I have been with Drury Porter for decades, so was very worried when H and John retired and sold the business on. It has been wonderful to benefit from the continued excellence from their successors. They chose well.
Asifa and Tan have been great. Asifa spotted early signs of a major eye problem, and immediately wrote a letter for me to take to my GP ASAP. I therefore was able to get rapid referrals to Moorfields, etc.
After operations and a new prescription Drury Porter also was able to give me excellent guidance regarding new spectacles, providing me with better options than via other high street opticians with whom I had consulted, including John Lewis.
I recommend them for their thorough, expert, warm and honest service.

Ms Celia Cockburn , December 2016

From the first day I stepped into Drury Porter Eyecare Asifa and Tan welcomed me and took their time to not only explain what they were doing but also to get to know me. Both Asifa and Tan are extremely professional, caring, and very good at what they do. I no longer just pass by the store to pick up contact lenses. I pass by to catch up with Asifa and Tan, and I never order contact lenses for more than a month at a time so I always have an excuse to see them again.

Miss Cathrine Hansen , November 2016

Absolutely wonderful service and owners. Coming from Canada, I did a Google search and went to Drury Porter Eyecare because of the positive reviews. I am happy to say my experience there surpassed all my expectations. I had a dry eyes issue/reaction and was given thorough advice and explanations in regard to my condition and how to resolve it. No other optometrist has been as helpful and genuine as this one. The owners are lovely and provide excellent customer service. I strongly recommend them to anyone in search of eye care.

Miss Margherita Barbagallo , November 2016

I’m one of many fiercely loyal customers who travel for many miles to visit Asifa and Tan. My dentist I’ve chopped and changed over the years, my optician I haven’t. There’s a reason for that when there are many alternative opticians closer to home….. This isn’t a sales pitch but my honest opinion and I’d recommend whole-heartedly.

Mr Matthew Newman , October 2016

Warm, friendly and honest service and excellent, high quality eyecare. Highly recommend.

Ms Deborah DiLiberto , October 2016

Been to Drury Porter twice now and very happy with their service – you’re always made to feel welcome and a valued customer rather than being a customer reference number. Pay a bit more than your average high street optician and get a much better service and result. Highly recommended.

Mr Paul Heading, October 2016

Dear Asifa and colleague. It is very important to me that I says “Thank you” for the great help you have given me. Your new pair of glasses opens for me another world including being on the rota for reading a lesson at Sunday church, keeping up to date with newspapers and reading books that are waiting for my attention. My visits to Drury Porter have been very pleasant. You have dealt with technical matters in a way that accepts that I am a human. My mug of tea was a life-saver and its picture of Princess Diana a timely encouragement. I wish all at Drury Porter happiness in work well done.
You are very much part of “Bloomsbury” where we can all be ourselves.

Mrs Juliet C. Britain , August 2016

As someone else has said, I would not go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

Ms Ana Gutierrez, July 2016

Excellent service and they take the time to get the right measurement and the right glasses . Very satisfied

Mr Sultan Almudimeegh , July 2016

I have been going to Asifa for a number of years now and honestly I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Tan and Asifa, give the best service, always recommending what would be good for me (as my eyesight has given me a few problems in the past). It’s nice to be able to go to an optician, where you are constantly been made to feel comfortable. Honestly the best opticians I have been to, I would recommend to everyone 🙂

Miss Nazish Hussain , July 2016

A very professional and excellent service. We will surly visit the practice again!

Mrs J Marom (Israel) , June 2016

Drury Porter eyecare is fantastic! The friendliness and professionalism of both Asifa and Tan is second to none and I always know that I am being offered the best possible products for my prescription. I’ve tried other places but none have come close to matching the quality of service at Drury Porter. And Tan makes a great cup of tea! I couldn’t ask for more from my optician!

Miss Liz Gardner , June 2016

The owners are fantastic, customer focused and treat you with the best possible care. They are really helpful and attentive, nothing is any real trouble for them. The examination is clearly explained and results immediately explained. You will be in the best hands possible.

Miss Fremerova and Mr Synecky , June 2016

I have been searching for over 10 years to find an eyecare specialist to deal with my complex vision and finally found Asifa at Drury Porter in the Brunswick Centre. You know that you are in the very best hands. Asifa and Tan bring service and specialist care together at the highest level. Previous problems and mistakes at the hands of other high street opticians are behind me. DP is a thoroughly modern practice with the old traditional values of service and high quality care at the heart of everything they do. This is a true gem in the heart of London.

Barrister Annette Henry , May 2016

I cannot recommend Drury Porter eyecare enough. Asifa and Tan are so friendly and the quality of care is very high. I had my eyes tested in another place, and they checked and corrected it and my glasses are perfect. They were also really patient and helpful with me choosing the right frames, which was lovely as these are my first pair of glasses. Really personal care right in the centre of London.

Miss Ciara Grianna , May 2016

Outstanding service!!! I absolutely recommend them!! I’ve just moved from Italy and I didn’t know how the system works here and they were very helpful, kind and professional 🙂 🙂

Miss Claudia Picciano , May 2016

I would highly recommend Drury Porter Eyecare. Asifa and Tan provide a warm, professional service with great expertise, knowledge, attention to detail and a tailoring to personal requirements. Very affordable as well.

Mr Richard Holme , April 2016

I have been going to Drury Porter for about 25 years, having started first with Asifa and Tan’s predecessors, Himaxi and John. Asifa and Tan have continued the same outstanding level of personal and charming service and care in a way that is remarkable. I always feel welcome, and – with the complications that inevitably accompany old age – I feel really especially looked after; it was Asifa who first spotted stuff that I needed to consult the doctor about. It is always a pleasure to see Asifa and Tan, they already make me feel like a long-standing friend, not just a customer. On a more basic level, the shop is beautifully furnished and restful, and Asifa and Tan really go the extra mile to make sure my lenses and glasses get to me as quickly as possible, and to let me know if there are any hitches.
I would recommend Drury Porter to anyone over the High Street offerings out there.

Mr Chris Ennis , April 2016

I am so grateful to be under the care of Asifa and Tan as someone with a high prescription Asifa’s experience and thorough examinations are very reassuring.   I have been going to Drury Porter for over ten years and would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an optician and a warm welcome.

Ms. Sandra , April 2016

I can’t praise highly enough the superlative service provided by Asifa and Tan. Even though I’ve recently relocated to Manchester, I wouldn’t dream of changing optician and I’m more than happy to travel down to see them both. From a professional point of view, Asifa’s experience and knowledge is second to none. However, this is also matched by her attitude, and her passion & enthusiasm to find the best solution for her clients. Forget the high street warehouses, go to Drury Porter and receive bespoke, unbiased, quality optical advice!

Mr Paul Sumners ( ITV ) , April 2016

Thank you Asifa and Tan, for being so very helpful! I was struggling with a minor eye infection, and the opticians in the high-street chains just refused to even take a look at me and kept reading off form notices about what I should be doing.
I called Asifa after reading other reviews, and she was an absolute godsend. She booked me in for a same-day appointment, and was reassuring and professional! If you’re looking for personalised care from an expert, definitely go to Drury Porter Eyecare!

Ms Sujatha Krishnan-Barman , April 2016

I can highly recommend Drury Porter Eyecare. The quality of service is excellent and I like the personal touch. I am more concerned about taking care of my eyes as I get older and appreciate the way I can explore my eye care with Asifa and discuss options such as different types of contact lenses. I live in outer London but I have been going to Drury Porter for about 20 years since a friend recommended them and I have no intention of changing!

Dr Moira Kelly (BSc RMN MA PhD), April 2016

Highly recommend

Professor Henrietta Moore , March 2016

I have been going to Drury Porter Eyecare for several years now. Being that I live in Austria, this just illustrates how good Asifa and Tan really are. As Heidi also mentioned, I also feel that I am being treated as a human there. And not just a glad-handed as you might find at some other places. Their friendly and honest service respects your intelligence and does not rely on gimmicks or fads, but on their professional competence. I could not recommend them enough. Go and see for yourself!

Mr Michael Williams (Lecturer at Uni of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg-Austria), March 2016

I had purchased my last pair glasses from a popular high street company at great cost, however in the last couple of years, I thought my vision was deteriorating, due to my complex prescription, however following a recommendation I visited Drury Porter Eyecare and it became clear that the original prescription was actual inaccurate. Asifa’s expertise is assessing my condition and what was available to me was reassuring and efficient.  As a contact lense wearer with a number of complexities, I now have glasses that are fashionable, the thinnest of lenses, tinted and extremely reasonable in cost, but most importantly my vision is now the best it’s been in years, so I can venture outside in them!  Superb, personable service – thank you.

Mrs Michelle Nightingale , Feb 2016

My teenage son has a very complex prescription and wanted to wear contact lenses. Previously, all attempts had been unsuccessful, until he started to see Asifa at Drury Porter. With her skill, advanced product knowledge and patience my son now wears lenses with ease. He can also wear stylish glasses frames with much thinner lenses, thanks to wide range offered by Tan at DP. Although we travel a 60 mile round trip, we wouldn’t take our son anywhere else.

Mrs Simone Deans , Feb 2016

I have been using #Drury #Porter #Eyecare for the last 20 years and have been extremely happy with the service. I have also been very happy with the service and care from (optometrist) Asifa and Tan and have no reason to go any where else. They have a lovely array of glasses frames. I would also be very happy to recommend this optician as they are very welcoming and supportive.

Mrs. Yvonne Redway , Feb 2016

I’ve worn glasses for over 40 years and this is undoubtedly the best optician’s I’ve ever visited. Tan and Asifa are very friendly, attentive and helpful. I’m at the age where I’m making the tricky transition to varifocal lenses and it has been very, very hard to manage. Asifa was able to introduce me to some amazing lens technology which made the adjustment much easier, although it still took me about 4 months to get used to the new glasses. I had previously tried varifocals from a well-known high street brand, and, even though they gave me their top of the range lenses, they just didn’t work for me at all. At Drury Porter, I definitely felt well cared for and will be going back.

Mr Brian Barnes , Feb 2016

I recently moved my optical care to Drury Porter Eyecare based on a friends recommendation and I have never been happier. Firstly, Tan and Asifa are very welcoming and warm. Secondly, Asifa is a very diligent optometrist, taking extra time and care to carry out a thorough examination and more importantly clearly explaining all the different options you have. Given her background she has a wealth of experience. You never feel rushed and you get very personable care which is the total opposite to what I used to experience when I was visiting one of the big high street opticians. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and I whole heartedly trust them with my eye care.

Mr Ali Momin , Feb 2016

My eye exam at Drury Porter Eyecare was comprehensive and the service was possibly the best I’ve had in my 13 years with glasses and numerous optometrists. I recommend them for anyone who needs an optometrist !

Miss Maythe Han , Feb 2016

I had such a good experience. I’ve worn glasses since 7 and contacts since 16 and find the whole eye test process a chore but actually left feeling like I’d visited friends! A very personalised and professional service. From tea, water and my coat taken to talk of life and family it was like a day out. And when I say a thorough eye test I’m talking the full ink drops in the eye dilation routine, retina scan/photo, tracking moving lights in the light box etc. Good advice without the hard sell. The optician works in a hospital too so you know you’re getting the latest knowledge on eye

Mrs Stevens, South London ( Social worker ) , Jan 2016

I have been going to Drury Porter for two years now, I take my daughter here as well. Asifa is very professional and answers questions clearly and in a friendly manner. Tan is also extremely helpful and welcoming. They have a great selection of frames with a range of prices and take the time to help find the right ones. I would highly recommend them

Ms Lucia Bay , Jan 2016

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