Concerned not having gone to an optician for 4 years was very apprehensive, They made me feel very welcome. Professional, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. I did not realise having worn my contact lenses for so long that my eyes were not getting enough oxygen, had to give my eyes a break by reducing the time I was wearing my lenses and that would, in turn, reduce the redness this was causing.  I bought more oxygenated contact lenses which I would use only when necessary, Got myself a pair of glasses to wear to reduce the infection. Returned after 2.5 months and the difference is amazing, have to continue a little longer but can wear my lenses a little more.  Gave very good advice. I highly recommend them.

Mrs Rita Doonga- December 2018

The service at Drury Porter is second to none, thank you for making a usually stressful experience a warm, friendly and positive one!

Miss Ellen Bishop, December 2018

I’m over the moon with the vari-focals I have from Drury Porter Eyecare. I found the transition from reading glasses so much easier than I had ever imagined because the lenses are absolutely perfect for my eye sight needs and I love the frames too. No more eye strain headaches or searching around for lost reading glasses! I also completely trust them with my daughter’s eyecare as Asifa is a child optometry specialist. Asifa and Tan are consummate professionals, and offer a warm and friendly service every time we visit. Thoroughly recommended!

Ms Ann Nkune, November 2018

An amazing place with grate service and a friendly atmosphere. Really thorough with all there work and really good result. Lovely couple and just a really nice place. Thank you Asifa for your help.

Miss Mayli Jones, November 2018

Friendly, honest and meticulously thorough. Genuine pleasure to visit Asifa and Tan. I ordered two pairs of high end specs – the prices are similar to high street chains, however the quality and choice is on a different level.

Mr Tian Zhang, October 2018

Extremely friendly and thorough service. Would highly recommend them.

Mr. Andrew Walsh – September 2018

A world apart from the high street chains. Expert, unpressured and personal service at a fair price.

Mr Anthony Roberts, September 2018

That we fly back to London from Luxembourg to have our eye appointments with Drury Porter says everything. Friendly, thorough and knowledgeable. Our long-term eye care is in safe hands. Kind, patient and great with children too. Thank you, Asifa and Tan!

Ms Sophie Sharp, September 2018

From the moment you walk into the Drury Porter Eyecare centre you are greeted and welcomed as if entering Asifa and Tan’s home. I was truely impressed with Asifa’s patience, thoroughness and professionalism when having both my eyes tested and contact lenses fitted. I was made to feel at ease immediately and felt very well cared for. I highly recommend the Drury Porter Eyecare centre. An excellent service.

Mrs Jane Colbeck. August 2018

Fantastic service – Both Asifa and Tan provide a warm and friendly service at the highest standard and make an effort to get to know their customers and their long-term needs. Asifa, the optometrist, is so very knowledgeable, helpful and patient with all requests. Would recommend them without hesitation!

Miss Maria Peppa, July 2018

Excellent service. Very dedicated and extremely caring. I could not recommend enough.

Ms Mariana Jimenez-Huerta, June 2018

I was able to attend the Doobie Brothers concert as well as a Beatles tribute with all the flashing lights.  The Doobie Brothers concert had quite a few flashy red lights.  Luckily, I think the glasses prevented a seizure and all I had was a moderately bad headache.  In regards to the Beatles show, I was perfectly fine and do think they make a difference; I honestly do not think I would have been able to see either one had I not had them. Next up:  Pink Floyd Laser Light Show and a 1980’s dance with disco ball!


Ms Angie Kite – Texas USA -Z1 Blue Lenses: June 2018

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Professional, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. I have a complicated eye condition and have been to very many opticians in my life, and I don’t remember ever having as good an experience as this. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Mr William Gibson, April 2018

I can not begin to say how happy I am the service Asifa and Tan give. The moment you enter the store you are greeted with customer service that is second to none, something that is very rare when visiting the high street outlets. With a vast range of frames to choose from I truly welcomed the honest opinion and in turn made my selection easier. The quality is amazing and feels like I am viewing HD for the first time. The experience Asifa possesses goes without saying. Asifa detected a cataract that a high street outlet should have picked up and with that referred me to a specialist. This just highlights the amazing service. Never again will enter a high street outlet. Thank you Asifa & Tan.

Mr Tom Riley – April 2018

Provided thorough eye exam and explained each step with care and clarity. They take their time and do not rush. Great professional care and very friendly.

Ms Aindrea Baird, March 2018

Drury Porter was recommended by a friend that has used them for several years. This was my first visit to an opticians and I was made to feel very at ease by the personal and welcoming friendly service. The examination was extremely thorough and well-explained and I was struck by the attention to detail and professionalism. Thoroughly recommended.

Dr John Malkinson – (UCL) February 2018

I have been trying for a number of years to get a prosthetic contact lens for my blind eye, that matches as far as possible the color of my sighted eye.  Living in Singapore I am under care of the National Eye Centre but custom made prosthetic lenses come from Australia and I had been unable to get a decent colour match from the Australian manufacturer.

I am visiting the UK and so found  a number of optometrists by searching on line. I am so pleased I chose Mrs Asifa from Drury Porter. She confirmed with the manufacturer that they could deliver a custom made lens within three weeks  and in fact they produced it within two weeks.

I had two appointments with Mrs Asifa, first to check my eyes, and then take measurements to ensure sure the right size of lens Within a few days  a  blank lens was produced which I fitted to ensure it was comfortable and in the correct position. Then the  manufacturer hand-painted the lens which I picked up yesterday. It is as good a colour match as I could have hoped for. But the real stars are Mrs Asifa and her husband Tan, who went out of their way to make sure they could deliver a good lens for me. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

If you need a professional and caring optometrist then these are the people to go to.

Mr Mike Horner, March 2018

Came here urgently during some unexpected problems on recommendation – and nothing was too much trouble for Asifa and Tan. They are a great duo, my concerns were addressed on the same day, and within a little over a month I am now fitted with glasses and contacts that work for me better than any prior. Do not hesitate to come here, for a professional, patient and personable service and experience. I am now in no doubt that my ocular health is excellently taken care of. Many thanks Tan and Asifa!

Miss Scarlet Dixon, (Hair Stylist) February 2018

Incredibly thorough, professional and friendly. Were very straightforward about price. Explained everything they did and showed me in detail. Offer lots of service including repairing old glasses too after I bought new ones. Highly recommend.

Miss. Sarah Stein Lubrano, February 2018

Fantastic BlephAsol treatment for my Blepharitis eye condition. Asifa was very patient and gave me a much clearer understanding on how to live with Blepharitis and how to keep it at bay. The BlephAsol treatment was very effective and my eyes looked less inflamed after the treatment. 

Mr Simon Shalom, January 2018

Asifa and Tan run an amazing practice, very professional and they go the extra mile.

Miss Jennifer Thomson, January 2018

 I have been using Drury Porter for several years now. If you would like an optician who goes the extra mile, who takes great care of your eyes, who is extremely thorough and provides a wonderful friendly atmosphere in which to work then look no further. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Mr. Paul Zetlin – January 2018

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