All Types Of Contact Lenses

Many may ask the question:  What is a ” Gas permeable lens ” ? Our Optometrist with more than twenty five years of experience certainly knows and counts the fitting of these specific and adaptable lenses amongst her range of specialities.

” Soft contact lenses types  are very popular ranging from daily disposables to two weekly and monthly. All the lenses supplied are from well-known manufacturers. We deal with Johnson and Johnson, Alcon Ciba, David Thomas, Ultra Vision, Coopervison, Bausch and Lomb, Menicon Meru and several more manufacturers. This enables our Optometrist a wide choice to ensure the best contact lens for your prescription and needs.

Every patient is individually examined and fitted in a separate assessment, complementing the formal ophthalmic examination, to ensure the optimum choice of contact lens – much the same as the choice process with the spectacle lens – and the ultimate comfort in wear.


Our optometrist specialities include,

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