Zeiss Z1 (F133) Blue Lenses

We only supply Zeiss Z1 Lense through Carl Zeiss AG Manufacturing company

If you need any consultation regarding your symptoms please consult your GP or the Specialist. 

please note that these are not contact lenses.


Lens Information from Zeiss :

It is apparent that there are references on some websites to the Zeiss Z1 tint with regard to the recommendation of this product for the relief of Photosensitive Epilepsy. This tint is blue in colour and has very specific cut off points within the visible spectrum. The tint was developed in Italy by and Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner who entrusted Zeiss to produce the tint due to it complex nature and our reputation for quality and reproducibility.

This particular tint is available on most of Zeiss plastic lenses but it does not come under the banner of, or promoted by Carl Zeiss Vision, as a Medical Tint. Zeiss do have a specific range of Medical tints for a number of visual applications but this particular tint is not endorsed within the normal Medical Tint range.

As you will appreciate to be classed as effective for a certain medical condition the product has to undergo numerous tests and trials and emerge with proven benefits to the patient.  As this particular tint was not developed by Carl Zeiss Vision we are not, therefore, able to advertise this tint as part of our core medical tint range and it is only supplied to patients on understanding that it may or may not be helpful in the relief   of Photosensitivity Epilepsy.

On this basis we are quite happy to supply the product but are unable to guarantee any specific benefits.

Our Customer Review

I was able to attend the Doobie Brothers concert as well as a Beatles tribute with all the flashing lights.  The Doobie Brothers concert had quite a few flashy red lights.  Luckily, I think the glasses prevented a seizure and all I had was a moderately bad headache.  In regards to the Beatles show, I was perfectly fine and do think they make a difference; I honestly do not think I would have been able to see either one had I not had them. Next up:  Pink Floyd Laser Light Show and a 1980’s dance with disco ball!

“Ms Angie Kite – Texas USA – June 2018”



Eleanor Fitzgerald

Google review: I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Drury Porter Eyecare. I was diagnosed very recently with Photosensitive Epilepsy and was recommended the Z1 lenses from Zeiss. I attended Drury Porter for an eye test and to discuss the lenses a couple of weeks ago. Firstly, the staff were knowledgeable, courteous, and so very kind. They made sure that I felt safe and comfortable throughout the entire experience and provided some of the best eyecare that I’ve ever had. When it came to discussing specialist lenses and frames, they made sure that I had a complete understanding of all the options available and even provided some useful style input. As for the Z1 lenses themselves, which I received on Friday after a short wait, the difference they have made is almost indescribable. I remember realising that my eyes had finally stopped hurting and the world felt so much more accessible and comfortable. Also, patterns and blinking lights that would’ve been a challenge and a danger beforehand were reduced to mere background annoyances. After a very unexpected diagnosis that left me devastated, I feel like this is the first positive step to reclaiming my life. Also, the glasses look incredible. I cannot overstate just how highly I recommend both Drury Porter Eyecare and the Z1 lenses from Zeiss. They are truly life changing, and Drury Porter will be my opticians for life.

April 2024

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