Fabulous service and excellent advice. Our whole family are now cared for here. Thanks for all of your help.

Ms Sophie Sharp, July 2017

I came to Drury Porter Eyecare because I was suffering from extremely dry eyes (heavy duty eye drops every 20-30 minutes) from Ortho-K lenses. My eyes had been in a dire state for over a year and I assumed that I would just have to deal with that forever.

However, after an appointment, Mrs Raza (who happen to work at a dry eye clinic before) gave me some great advice about how to care for my eyes. I did as I was told and within a week, the moisture in my eyes was restored.

It is a family-run business and Mr. and Mrs. Raza are lovely and work very hard to make you feel at home. It is rarity to find such incredible service in Central London. I popped in without an appointment just the other day because my glasses were a bit crooked, and Mr. Raza sorted them out on the spot in 10 minutes flat.

Come here for honest advice that will actually help! Highly recommend!

Mr SC, July 2017

A relative recommended Drury Porter Eyecare but just to be sure, I also checked it out online and found many excellent reviews. Asifa and Tan are a lovely couple and they provided me with attentive, warm and professional service throughout. They painstakingly went through countless spectacle frames to find the perfect one for me. The overall price including Hoya lenses from Japan was also quite reasonable. I’m very happy with my new glasses. Highly recommended indeed!

Ms Eunice Chan, July 2017

A lovely business; the owners are courteous and attentive and the service thorough. Highly recommended.

Mr Ben Gosling – July 2017

I have been wearing glasses for 50+ years. In that time, I have seen countless ophthalmologists and optometrists, both in the United States and in England. I can easily say that Drury Porter Eyecare is best experience I have ever had. Asifa and Tan are the perfect compliment of superior technical expertise and superb customer service. My prescription was spot on, and the glasses fit perfectly. No professional before Asifa explained what was being done so understandably and competently. Although I live in the United States, I wait until I am back in London to get my annual eye examination. On top of that, their charge is far less than what I would pay in the US. Highly recommended.

Professor Bruce Markell – July 2017

I’ve been going to Drury Porter for a whole. I started going before Asifa and Tan took the business over and have stayed because with them because they are kind, caring and very professional. The service is incredibly responsive and thoughtful and I feel in safe hands. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good optician.

Ms Jocelyn Cornwell – July 2017

My family and I have been with Drury Porter for a few years after becoming dissatisfied with the level of service at our preceding opticians (Boots in my case, Specsavers for my wife and two children). We made the right decision. The professionalism at Drury Porter is faultless and this clinical excellence is combined with a level of service that makes visiting for a check up or a fitting a pleasure rather than a chore.

Dr Geoff Levett – June 2017

Excellent customer service, super friendly and patient, explains everything and responds timely to follow-up questions. Very helpful!

Ms Tina Li – June 2017

I am really satisfied with the service, I highly recommend.

Mr Ibrahim Haidar – May 2017

Excellent customer service, professional and friendly. I did take the advice they give me and I am really happy. Good price. I totally recommend this shop.

Mr Jose Garces, Hair stylist. CV Hair & Beauty. May 2017

Huge thumbs up. Excellent bedside manner, clear and straightforward explanations of everything, comprehensive exam, and fairly priced. Recommended.

Mr Marc Wandschneider, May 2017

Fantastic and lovely optician I’ve ever been! Asifa and Tan carefully took their time to help me with my new glasses. I am really satisfied with my new glasses and was also surprised to have my glassses and contact lenses so early. They are very kind and professional. I could feel that they were devoting everything to me while I was with them. Especially, I’m going to miss talks with Asifa and Tan’s milk tea for a while!!

Mr Ray Kim, April 2017

It’s my favourite! Excellent quality, a wide range of glasses, a very competent team, super attentive and friendly staff.

Miss Manal Shehabi, April 2017

I came to Asifa because I knew that she understood dyslexia and the way I think and would help me with my eyesight. I think it’s worth it for everyone to go to Drury Porter, whether you’re dyslexic or not, because everyone’s so friendly and helpful there.

Master Kieran Lowe, April 2017

I’ve been bringing my son to Asifa for more than 10 years as he has a squint. Brilliant personalised service, it feels very much like we are with friends when we are there.

Dr Caroline Allen (principal Orchard college), April 2017

I could not recommend Drury Porter Eyecare high enough.  From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are being looked after in the best possible way. The professionalism and the personal experience you receive is second to none. Just brilliant.

Mrs Francine Daniel, March 2017

I first went to see Asifa about 15 years ago. She was recommended to me by my Ophthalmic consultation Sheraz Daya.
I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in my late teens – a very complex condition that leads to the cornea becoming a cone like shape and resulting in poor to seriously impaired vision.
Following a cornea transplant and a few further surgical tweaks in my twenties, I needed to see a specialist optician for corrective lenses.
When you have a complex condition it just isn’t possible to pop down to your local high street optician – well, it is but they just don’ t have the knowledge, experience or expertise…
It really was like a breath of fresh air when I met Asifa. She completely understood my condition and knew how to work with it. 15 years later and following a second cornea transplant last year I still see Asifa, who, over the years has fitted me with contact lenses, spectacles and most recently prescription sunglasses. Not only is Asifa able to work with the most complex and specialist conditions, but herself and the team provide a fantastic service and Drury Porter – where nothing is too much trouble.

Ms Nicola Hall – Owner (, March 2017

Drury Porter Eyecare set the standard by which others should be judged.

Mr Paul Monroe, February 2017

I was one of the first to review Drury Porter Eyecare when Asifa and Tan took over nearly 4 years ago and at that time I thought I could not have been more positive.   I am reviewing again to reiterate and if anything increase my positive review.   This is a wonderful practice, I have a very high and rather changeable prescription and Asifa has spent many hours finding me the perfect prescription both for contact lens and glasses.   She is a true professional, really knowledgeable, I have complete confidence in her professional ability and experience and both she and Tan are so nice to deal with, giving all who visit as much time as they need.   The practice is comfortable and has a great stock of glasses frames. It is very convenient for Russell Square tube station also and next door to Waitrose and the Brunswick centre – so good for shopping on the way home!

Ms Niamh O’Sullivan, January 2017

The best optician I’ve ever met! :}

Miss Sing Ham Bokk, January 2017

My entire family visits Drury Porter Eyecare for our regular check-ups. It is such an inviting and welcoming place with excellent costumer service and high quality, enhanced eye care services. My mother has recently traveled from another country to get her eyes checked in London and we took her to Drury Porter’s as our precious experience with them, was very positive. We would strongly recommend them over any other place, as it offers a unique combination of personalised care and very high quality services.

Ms Mari Chikvaidze, January 2017

Before you go anywhere else, I would really recommend trying Drury Porter Eyecare. The customer service is top class, the owners are really personable and most importantly, they are full to the brim with knowledge that isn’t usually shared via your usual high street opticians.

Miss Sarah Robinson, January 2017

Due to a long and tiring trip I recently had, I ended up with broken glasses. One of the lenses had fallen out and the frame didn’t keep it in. I managed to keep them together by fiddling around with some pliers, but that was a temporary solution if anything. I’d made peace with the fact I’d have to either get a new set of glasses entirely, or buy a new frame. After asking what could be done, they asked me to leave my glasses with them for 2 hrs and see if they could fix it. No less than one hour later, I get a call to come and collect my fixed glasses. I do not know how they managed it, but they were fixed up like new again.
Great people, great service, great place. I highly recommend Drury Porter Eyecare.

Mr Albert Lin, January 2017

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